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Wow, Juliemama, I am impressed. I agree with you about breastfeeding, I just don't see why someone wouldn't do it. It is great for the baby and great for taking off the extra pregnancy pounds. Plus, I always felt so relaxed while nursing my kids. It's like Zen.

lori gay
looking to shop!!

Jayna from MomSquawk
Great site....I will check back soon ...Angie

Angie Shevlin
Hi Julie! I love you and I love your website. That's all I have to say.

Hi Julie, I am hoping to be able to attend HMN meetings in the future. I did come last year when my youngest was still a baby but this year has been diffucult scheduling/planning wise. You have a neat website. I will check out some of the links. Thanks, Karen Larsen:)

Hi Julie, Im down here in Raymond, its towards the Washington Coast. I Love your website.

Toni Williams