Natural Health and Vegetarian/Vegan Resources

Alternatives to traditional/allopathic health care

This paragraph will be about preventative health and touch on different options for treatment; then I will include some links.

Health advantages of a Vegetarian Diet

It is no longer questionable whether or not a diet free from animal products can contribute to overall health. (I will expand this paragraph and add some links.)

Moral/Compassionate reasons to choose a Vegetarian diet

Humans in the developed world no longer have the need to kill animals for their food. We have access to sufficient nutrition (and sufficient yumminess!) without having to impose suffering on other living creatures. If you're not convinced that there is suffering involved, I highly encourage you to explore the following links for information about the atrocious conditions in which factory farmed animals live and die. No, cows aren't cats or dogs, and it might seem like a stretch to care about them, but they do experience pain and misery and cry out in anguish, as do pigs (which are as intelligent as dogs). I'm not just talking about the fact that they are put to death... there is so much horrendous suffering involved in their whole lives from their living conditions to the method in which their lives come to an end. DON'T continue to say "I'd rather not know".... you SHOULD know about this if you're going to eat meat, as you're the direct cause of their suffering with every purchase of their flesh which you make.

Meet your Meat - a video explaining the realities of where your meat comes from

another link here and description

Some of my favorite recipe websites