My favorite online shopping sites

Baby and Kid Stuff:

Rainbow Resource Center - educational supplies; a GOLDMINE for homeschoolers. Order a free print catalog - it is HUGE and you'll love flipping through it.

Rosie Hippo's - wooden toys and games; GREAT stuff, and based in Washington State!

Attachments Catalog - unique gifts, books for kids featuring breastfeeding and family bed, advocacy items, BF and pregnancy sculptures (gift for your midwife or doula?)

General Cool Things:

-- If you love to shop online and ever feel a smidgen of guilt about it, check out Taraluna where everything is ethical, organic, fair trade, and the like. Clothing, jewelry, organic/vegan chocolates, toys, pet items, cosmetics -- all really nice and really "green". :)

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Since 1987 -- Mountain Rose Herbs has a huge selection of herbal teas, bulk herbs, bulk items for soapmaking and making your own natural bath and beauty products, essential oils, and ALL items are organic!

LUSH Cosmetics -- Lush is soooo yummy! They make "bath bombs", scrumptious natural handmade soaps, melting massage bars, awesome paraben-free shampoos... all with the yummiest scents EVER.