The first photo is a plate on January 31 at the beginning of the experiment. The remaining photos on this page are of the covered, unrefrigerated plate.

Covered, Unrefrigerated February 1

We observed that the banana had turned a little bit brown.

Covered, Unrefrigerated February 2

We observed that the potato and apple were slightly browner.

Covered, Unrefrigerated February 3

We observed a brown stripe across the middle of the apple and the banana was more brown.

Covered, Unrefrigerated February 4

Closeup of February 4

We observed that the brown area on the apple had gotten larger and mold which looked like white hair with black dots on the ends on the apple and on the plate around it.

Covered, Unrefrigerated February 5

Closeup of February 5

We observed a lot more mold on the plate all around the apple and touching the banana and potato, and a gray patch on the edge of the banana. The apple was completely brown.

Covered, Unrefrigerated February 6

Closeup of February 6

We observed more mold growth on the plate and the banana's gray patch had gotten bigger while another gray patch was growing. (Note: Evan patted the top of the plastic wrap down onto the food just prior to the photo...I attempted to lift the plastic off the food without opening the seal, but the apple and banana did get very slightly squished and the plastic clung to the banana.)

Covered, Unrefrigerated February 7

We observed that the mold was on the potato now and also on my paper label, and the banana's gray patches were larger.

Covered, Unrefrigerated February 8

We observed that the mold had covered the paper so much we could barely read it, and the banana and apple were really gross.

What we learned

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